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Author Illustrator, Children's Book Cover
Author Illustrator, Children's Book Cover

About Sulky Santa's Christmas Letter:

"I have just read 'Sulky Santa's Christmas Letter. It's a fantastic Christmas Read! I thoroughly enjoyed it even though I'm a grown-up. Can't wait to read it to my Granddaughters..."

Miriam Angleal McLennan

​About Pong the not-BIG Pig:

"Beautifully illustrated: an engaging, witty, educational and fun rhyme which will teach your children what's really important in life. Highly recommended!"


"A wonderful tale that children of all ages will enjoy. As a teacher, I can see many uses for this book in the classroom. The new Common Core curriculum asks students to read "closely" and this book encourages that by encompassing the following standards:
Reading for rigor
Vocabulary development
Science: Lever/fulcrum
Self esteem

It is an entertaining read for everyone."



"Lovely little book, delightful illustrations."

JAB by Pinewoodjab

(Former Teacher)

​About Timbo and a Fair Cop:

"A thoroughly fun romp for children of all ages. The characters are appealing and the illustrations add exquisite detail, in beautiful watercolor, to the images already created by the words. Everyone will root for Timbo and his friends."


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